To lie together

I will put Kayla and Sabrina together as that is the way they say it went down. Too many of their statements are really hard to believe. The most outstanding of them takes place at Lazy Mountain. Sabrina says that while I was trying to get her to give me head, Kayla was sitting in the window of the pickup. However Kayla says that she went for a walk for about 20 minutes. Except that in court testimony she says it was 10 minutes. So which is it? In fact in the grand jury it was asked of Kala what Sabrina looked like when she returned to the pickup. Either way someone is lying and that is PERJURY! If Sabrina was sitting in the middle then why did she let me touch Kala and undo her bra?  All Sabrina had to do is lean forward or backward to block my arm. To keep from having her bra unhooked all Kayla had to do is turn sideways or just lean back; remember I was supposedly driving, so I would not have been able to maneuver enough to do so. Kayla says that while at “Leah’s” place I tried to touch her. If that were true then why on earth would she even consider going somewhere with me, especially to a place that is pretty much out of sight. Why doesn’t Sabrina mention babysitting at “Leah’s”? Sabrina says that after the alleged rape, we went out and had consensual sex at least 3 other times. Why on earth would anyone continue to see someone after being “raped”? Sabrina says that incident took place in an RV and that after it happened I took a 45 minute nap. So if I was asleep why didn’t she leave or call the cops? Instead she lay down next to me! She does change her story at one point when she says that it was “for a little while” then I left. In court Kayla says that she had met me before but didn’t remember when, yet Sabrina claims that Kayla told her about me. I also find it interesting how the court hid from the jury that they had to put out a warrant for Kayla’s arrest because she didn’t show up, and even stated she didn’t want to be in court. Also hid that Sabrina had “allegedly” tried to commit suicide to keep from showing up, and they used a court order to get her out of API early to make her testify.

Any way you look at it there are several lies buried within the testimonies. Determining exactly what they are is most likely impossible to say. A point of law says that if any part of a testimony is shown to be a lie, then all must be considered a lie! Oh wait; there is another option, how about my testimony?

None of the things that that either one of them say about going to Lazy Mountain happened. We sat in the truck and talked. I never touched Kayla, did not force Sabrina to give me head. Kayla did not go for a walk at all. She did want to sit in the window but I told her no, I did not want her sitting in the window and maybe damage the door. I have never been to Leah’s house, I don’t even know where it is. Sabrina and I did have sex in the RV, but not the first time I was there. We both decided when we were going to have sex. By the way, Sabrina was no virgin. Interesting how I was never given an opportunity to give my testimony. Guess they didn’t want me spoiling their lies.

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