Unsubstantiated Claims


  1. Told the Principal
  2. Told the Vice-Principal
  3. School doesn’t keep the records
  4. Vice Principal protects the boys
  5. Went to Burchell
  6. Went to Job Corps to be electrician
  7. Worked on the slope
  8. Operation on feet
  9. Year she graduated
  10. Drive by in what vehicle/ more than one reported
  11. Drivers license
  12. Bother at job corps
  13. Run Billy off road
  14. No interview of Me
  15. In the first interview with mike summit, he suggests that Dunford contact Officer Anthony with PPD. There is no evidence anywhere that he ever did that.
  16. In the first interview Mike Summitt tells Dunford that there were about 4 other girls that I raped. No evidence of that. Amanda’s is the only claim in the o3/04 time frame.
  17. Tells Dunford that he met my dad. That is a lie. My dad has never met him.
  18. Says that they had trouble with me for over 2 years. Did not follow up on her being out of school and then me being out of state.
  19. I was also out of state

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