Forensic Evidence Collection

In this video, you can see Zeb being examined for forensic evidence in the rape case by two female State Troopers. How is this okay? Were this a female getting her genitals examined by two males this would have received national attention.


  1. treena leslie

    it’s not okay for female tooper/policeofficers to search a male they should be fired, sued and or repremanded. Zeb is innocent he didn’t do anything wrong……Set him free….

  2. G

    Damn right its not ok.. if this was a women Everyone would care. America puts this false idea in its peoples head that people are treated equally. There is a wicked double standard between Genders in too many cases in the United States. Men usually are held to a much higher standard of Accountability across the board.

  3. G

    In the end Zeb was a Victim of Sexual abuse by these “Officers” because their search was unjustified. In a way zeb was raped himself.

  4. expedient

    was the use of attractive females a coincedence.was there a goal of proving he could become erectile.was it gratuitous on the part of the females and male officers.would a lawyer or business man be that compliant.what precident does this set.was that much touching necessary.
    at one point the main officer says respect,was there a mysandry issue.

  5. ron

    This is outrageous. What else can you say about it.
    Has anyone from the law enforcement side explained why they had female troopers conduct the exam? Surely, cross gender exams of this nature are a rare exception……. aren’t they? What was the reason? One responder suggested that they (female officers) might be more sensitive and gentler in their approach. Ok, well, maybe a well intended motivation… But, then what are the parameters with the Alaska state HP in choosing female or male examiners for specific cases that involve this incredibly high level of intimate contact?

    • JusticeForZeb

      It is very outrageous. Up here in Alaska they don’t CARE about any Federal or State laws if THEY are breaking them. Up here they don’t investigate a case, they BUILD a case against you. It is NOT about the TRUTH, it is about CONVCTIONS.

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