welcome to JusticeForZeb

This is a new website. As we are just getting started we ask you to be patient and check back often. I would like to start by saying that Zeb is a gentle giant. Anyone who knows him will agree with that. Please check out the link to klienfelter’s to understand more about him and those like him. In this site we plan to lay out all the evidence in his case. Virtually none of the evidence was presented in court. No investigation was done into anything that could show his innocence. In the video you will see 2 females “collecting evidence”. Evidence that was not needed. It was collected against all know regulations. He was touched on the genitals by opposite sex and then they found nothing. As a side note, they did not put anything about the touching or penial swab in┬átheir written report. But as I said we will go through this step by step. Please take time now to review the klienfelters page.


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