The Night of Zeb’s Arrest

This story will be from the facts, either from the police reports, personal testimony or personal knowledge.   On the 23rd of January 2009, Zeb was at work as a cook. He eceived a visit from someone that claimed to be an Alaska State Trooper.  However he never once showed an ID to anyone. Not Zeb or the manager nor to myself later on. Zeb called his mom and told her that a Trooper was waiting to talk to him. His mom called the trooper and told him we were on our way, and that Zeb has a learning disability. The trooper told her that we couldn’t come down or we would be charged with interference.

I went down from my work to see what was going on. When we came out of the place where he was working the person that claimed to be Trooper Dunford was waiting. I asked him what he wanted and he said he needed to talk to Zeb. I asked what about and he said not in front of Zeb so I suggested we step off to the side which we did. He told me that he wanted to question Zeb about an accusation of sexual assault. He and I got into a discussion about the girls in this area and how they are liars and that he has had to shut them down. He would not even look directly at me. I was starting to get suspicious that he was not really    a cop at all.  I finally asked if Zeb was under arrest and he said no. I told Zeb to go home. Dunford told him to stay put, I asked again, “is he under arrest”?, again he said “no”.  I told Zeb to go home.  Now it’s about 12:30 a.m. on January 24th, 2009.  Zeb started       to get into his pickup when Dunford started yelling and waving his arms. Dunford was yelling,  “your under arrest, your under arrest, don’t move, put your hands on the vehicle.” At that point another trooper came out of the dark. Dunford started pat searching Zeb.  I told Zeb not to say any thing and to demand a lawyer. I told him this several times.  I find it interesting that even though Dunford was the one that said, “your under arrest”, and he did the searches, it is not his name on the arrest record, it is the other Trooper, Leventry’s name on the report.  In fact after talking with several hundred people that have been arrested I have not been able to find one single person that has been arrested by Dunford. I have a theory on that. I kept telling Zeb not to talk to anyone. Dunford kept telling me to leave. I was back by my vehicle. Now in Dunford’s report he tells how he had to keep yelling at me to leave and that I got between him and Zeb, which never happened. I am not that stupid.  Interesting how he has nothing to back up his claim that I did that.  I however have a witness.  Leventry and Dunford had Zeb at Leventry’s car and were conducting a pat search. Dunford reached into Zeb’s right vest pocket and took out his keys and his cell phone and placed them on the hood of Leventry’s car. Keep that  in mind about the cell phone coming out of Zeb’s vest pocket, it will be important later in showing how Dunford lied to get a warrant.  They put Zeb into Leventrys’ car and Leventry took him to the Palmer Post.  Now keep in mind Zeb is 6′ 8″ tall and Leventry put the handcuffs extra tight and put him in the back of the cop car with no room, his shoulders hurting like crazy, and  left marks in his hand.  Leventry did not go directly to the Trooper station, he wanted to inflict pain on Zeb so he went the extra long way.  From the bowling alley to the Trooper station would take no longer than 12 minutes, but Leventry took the long way that took appx 28 minutes.  Just by the Troopers behavior this was not an ordinary arrest, they wanted Zeb to suffer.  Why?  This arrest was personal, and that is what this story is about.


  1. Dylan

    I watched a short clip of this on youtube and was stunned. From what I saw, could resembler a classic case of unreasonable conduct and I have heard of similar cases making it to court. Once you post the full video and people can see if the officers were acting truly inappropriately, I think that more and more people will pay attention to this and demand justice for the victim. Unfortunately, the short and censored video doesn’t allow us to see the likely injustice.

  2. G

    Why would you need to see the uncensored video? It would be like putting Zeb back in that room. Just allow everyone on the internet to see Zeb undressed. Its not necessary to see it uncensored to see what is going on in the vide is wrong.

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