While I’m on the subject of the pickup let us go a bit fruther. First off it is a Ford Ranger. That is a rather small pickup. In order to drive it he had to have the seat all the way back and it leaned back. Even then his knees were still pressed against the steering wheel. Now the one accuser claims that he did what she claims he did in the front of that pickup. If you are not familiar with the size of a Ranger then go take a look at one. Anyhow he is 6’8″ and 300 pounds. She is 5’6″ and 252 pounds. How on earth could he have done what she claims in the front of that pickup.(we’ll cover her story later). For right now though I’d like to go over the “search warrant”, that Trooper Dunford got for the pickup. Keep in mind that when getting a warrant the cop is under oath, just like in a courtroom. He has to justify the warrant to a judge. In his application for the warrant he justified it by saying that he saw a cell phone in the drivers seat and a laptop case amoung other things, but these are the two important items. Now when a warrant has been served the inventory and a copy of the warrant is to be given to the owner of the property, or if the owner cannot be reached a copy must be left at the scene and a copy returned to the judge. The judge is then suspossed to verify that the warrant is good. Well to start with I never did get a copy of the warrant or inventory and I own the pickup and am unable to get to the pickup as it is custody at MTR. By the way the taxpayers are picking up a 4 year storage tab for that. Your dollars at work folks. The returned inventory sheet did not have a LAPTOP or case on it. At that point the judge should have stopped things and asked what was going on. Dunford used the laptop case as a reason to get the warrant, yet its not on the inventory. The reason is simple. The laptop case didn’t exist. We never had a laptop, neither Zeb or us, so there could not have been a laptop case in the pickup. Why didn’t the judge ask that question. Maybe because the judge didn’t want to do his job, or maybe it was all part of a setup. You figure that out. Maybe the judge was just to dumb to know his job. Now the cell phone. The phone that he claims that he saw in the drivers seat, and was on the inventory, was indeed Zebs’ phone. However I’d like to know how it got into the drivers seat for Dunford to see it there. I was there when they placed Zeb under arrest. Dunford reached into Zebs’ right vest pocket, he was wearing a black carhart vest, and pulled out that phone and the pickup keys and set them on the hood of Trooper Leventry’s patrol car. So how did that cell phone get into the drivers seat of the pickup? Only one way, and that is that Dunford had to put it there! That’s tampering with evidence at a minium. Now when we went to get the pickup, Dunford was having it towed. We didn’t know this at first. My wife went to get the pickup and stop the tow truck driver. At one point she actually got into the drivers seat. Now if there had been a cell phone in the seat she would have either picked it up or knocked it out of the seat. Either way it would not have been in the seat. So again Dunford lied to the Judge. That is no less than 2 counts of perjury and 1 count of tampering with evidence. All felonies. So why is Trooper Dunford walking around and not in jail for perjury. Because the system here promotes the cops lieing. You see they don’t investigate a case, they build one, by any means necessary. Why didn’t his attorney bring this up? Good question, I wish I had a good answer. We gave her that information. She had knowledge of it. Just like the lieing dad. But she chose not to do a thing. We’ll deal with that later. So for right now, we have the Dad committing perjury in court, Dunford with 2 perjury counts to the judge and 1 count of tampering with evidence. Next time I’ll get into Trooper Dunford’s perjury in front of the grand jury.

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