Grand Jury

During grand jury Trooper Dunford took the subject away from the items with Zeb and moved the topic to me, Zebs’ dad. One might well ask why, as I was not under investigation. Dunford rattled off a bunch of lies about me and what he knew about me, which he had never met me before that night. When my wife and I arrived at the bowling alley to get my pick up a tow truck was starting to connect up to it. We did not see anyone else around. My wife ran over to let the tow truck driver know that we were there to get the pickup. We assumed that the owner of the bowling alley was haveing the truck towed. Then out of the dark came a man dressed all in black and started yelling and did all but touch her. As I was saying, Dunford began telling the grand jury all about this. He made himself out to be some kind of nice guy, which he wasn’t, and then he told the grand jury that I stood between him and my wife with my arms crossed and would not allow him to deal with her. It even got to the point that the whole conversation turned to pressing charges against me and trying to get that before the same grand jury. But here is the interesting part. They were on the drivers side of the pick up and I was on the other side. Now my wife says I did not get between them, I say that I not only did not get between them but I never even got on that side of the vehicle. The most interesting part is that the tow truck driver states that I never got on that side of the vehicle. That means that 3 of us say I never got in between them, in fact did not even get the same side of the vehicle as Dunford and my wife. Oh, my, that means Dunford committed perjury again. Does anyone see a pattern here. Just to make it clear, all the things I am putting on here are from the court transcripts or the police reports. Next time see how Dunford twists statements to fit his own agenda.

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