A twist in the tale

The following comes from the audio and police reports. When the father of one of the accusers, the same one that lied on the witness stand, was being questioned by Trooper Dunford, he talked about the alleged drive bys. The father stated that Zeb had “driven by the house several times that summer”. Dunford asked, “which summer”. The father stated, “I’m not sure”. Then in Dunfords’ written report he says that the man told him, “the summer of 03”. Now Dunford has altered a witness statement. I believe that is tampering with testimony. What laws does that viiolate? You decide this one. Do you really believe, as does the system, that it is ok for cops to lie. For them to alter testamony to BUILD a case, rather than investigate one and get to the truth? Because folks thats the way they do things here. Does not make it right. Isn’t it time to put a stop to all the crocked ways. As a side note to this, the father and mother could not even agree as to what kind of vehicle Zeb was driving. But remember the DMV and insurance records that show Zeb had no car and no insurance. The mother told of Zeb stopping his car in the middle of the road and just stareing at her and her daughter. She said that cars were honking their horns at him. If that were to have happened then why wasn’t he stopped by Palmer Police. Simple, without a car in was impossible for Zeb to do that. Wow, more lies. Tune in next time and we’ll discuss this accusers made up story. Thank you for reading

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