We will refer to this accuser as A1.  A1 started this back in 2003 while they were in high school. One day A1 invited Zeb to a dance. It was being held in Eagle River. Since Zeb did not have a llicense or a vehicle, A1 drove. After they had left A1’s mom called Zeb’s mom. During their conversation A1’s mom mentioned that A1 better not get home late or her dad would have a fit, as she had trouble with boys before. Later we learned that at least 2 boys had quit Palmer High School because of her. Well guess what, they arrived at our house at the time she was to be at her house. That meant she was late. Next day she has a rumor going around school that Zeb tried to rape her at our house and that was why she was late. We took action and went to the church leaders and then to the Palmer Police to let them know what was going on.  Sure enough within a few days she tried to make a report at Palmer police. She happened to get the same officer that we talked to. This officer agreed to place the report if A1 could pass a polygraph.  A1 and her mom left the police department in a hurry, according to the report we got from the officer. Other than the rumors at school and her dad making threats to Zeb and coming to morning church seminary we didn’t hear much more until after.  A1 made a claim and Trooper Dunford talked her into making a report with him. The police report is all over the place.  Since we were home the night of the dance, the Spring of 2003, she could no longer claim that an attack happened at our house that night.  She claimed that Zeb tried to drag her out of the pickup. We didn’t see any of that as we were watching out the window.   Next she claims that she gave Zeb a ride several times and at one point she claims that she never met Zeb’s mom and did not come into our house on the night of the dance. Then how did we get a picture of her and Zeb dressed for the dance standing in our living room. She goes on to tell of Zeb talking her into coming into his room and then how he attacked her. Then in one statement she says that Zeb’s little brother came into the room and that stopped Zeb. In another statement she says it was his little brother Joshua. We don’t have a Joshua in our family.  But the fact is that it wasn’t his brother that came into the room it was another member of the family and at that point A1 was sitting on top of Zeb, giggling.. However she tells it that Zeb was on top of her and when his “brother” came into the room she was able to wiggle out from under Zeb and escape out the side door of the garage. Not possible since we had a freezer in front of that door. Much more to go but I’ll let you digest that for now.

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