More twists in the Grand Jury

In the Grand Jury on page 56, A1 said on line 20 that, referring to Trooper Dunford, “He finally ended up calling my mom to get my phone number, and it took him talking to me for two or three weeks before I was finally trusted him enough to be able to tell him everything.” OH really. In the police report on pg 278 it says that the first interview was on Jan. 28th, which is only 4 days after the arrest. Then on page 283 the second interview and final interview was on Feb. 4th, which is only 11days after his arrest and only 7 days after the first interview. Who is the one with the lie here????
Read A2’s Grand Jury testimony. I can not find her telling him no or resisting in any way, in fact she says that they went out and had sex 3 more times and with her consent. There are text messages where A2 admits to friends on the phone that she never said no!

The Trooper never has talked with Billy, or Mr. Winter or any of the others and I can tell you why. He knew that if he did he would have to turn that over and it would go to the grand jury. This stuff would show that it was all lies and there would be no indictment and that would lead to a false arrest and he would be in trouble for arresting to quickly and falsely so he tried to cover it up.

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