Question for legal beagles

Isn’t it the law that you are to be represented by counsel when you go before a judge. Well Zeb was given the oppertunity to stand before the Judge twice before he received any assistance of counsel. In fact the first time, the next day after arrest, we didn’t even know that he was going before a judge till afterwards. In most states that is enough to get a case dismissed. Oh but not here in Alaska. They believe that they are above the law and that federal laws don’t apply to us. How interesting.
On a side note: one of the female troopers that are in the video got in a little hot water in the court room. As I hear it her testimony and the record weren’t quite matching up. So I hear that the head DA told her to take a copy home and get her story straight. That sounds way out there to me. Of course her story would be the same if she has the report to study, or tape or whatever it was. So now which is the truth. The version she told in court or the one that she went home to memorize. Inquiring minds want to know. Hey Roman isn’t that some for of coaching the witness, or tampering or something. There were coments in the Fronteirsman suggesting that Roman be retired or fired or whatever. They are valid points. Especially since Roman is the one that allowed Trooper Dunford to commit perjury in the Grand Jury in Zebs case. Now he’s giving a cop the story that she is expected to tell. NICE


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