Show me the report

One of the things that I wonder is how on earth these cops keep getting away with making claims of things that they claim to have found out, yet don’t have to show the discovery. Here is one that really gets to me. Now Trooper Dunford claims that he was investigating this case and he looked on APSIN and found that back in 2003 there was an alligation of rape listed. That would be by A1. Now this brings up a huge list of problems. First and most important is, if this is true then where is a copy of the report. No where in any of the reports, court paper work or anything is there evidence of this report. Nothing to show that this actually is there. If it was there and is important enough to be mentioned in his report then where is a copy of the APSIN report to prove it. By the way that would be called (evidence). Now first trouble is, how did it get there. We know that after a date in 2003, A1, started spreading rumors around school that she had been raped. So we made a report to PPD Officer Anthony. Now according to Officer Anthony within a day or two in came A1 to file a report. Officer Anthony later told us that she agreed to file the report if A1 could pass a lie detector test, if not she would be charged with false accusation, at which point A1 left in a big hurry. I am inclined to believe that side of story because if she had filed a charge then there would have been an investigation, and there wasn’t. Also if that had been added by Officer Anthony then she would have been lieing to us. Still I have seen no evidence of the report. Now Zeb’s attorney had her investigator look into it and she found nothing about the report. Now Zeb looked into going into the military. Two background checks were done by the military and they found nothing of the kind. By the way Dunford also claimed that he had found another such entry in 2006 or 2007. Anyhow, neither was found by his attorney or the military. Also the state did a background check so Zeb could be a caregiver for a person that is bedridden. Now when the state does check for that type of work, they dig very deep to keep special needs folks safe. The state found nothing. We had two separate background/criminal checks done and found nothing. So where is the report. Dunford must be some kind of police magician. He seems to be able to come up with things no one else can. By the way, in another entry I mentioned that Zeb didn’t have a drivers license in 2003. The background check also verifies that fact. So the bottom line is: if there was entries in APSIN as to rape alligations, then where is the “evidence”. Why couldn’t anyone else find these entries. You know Dunford and the DA seemed to think that a pair of DICE found in the pickup, which did not even belong to Zeb, was important evidence and included them in the court case and in the evidence inventory, then why wasn’t prior alligations supposedly entered into APSIN important enough to include in the inventory and court case? I really think that the DA and Troopers will have a lot of explaining to do before long.   Troopers don’t “investigate”, they “build a case against someone”.  It’s not about truth or justice, it’s about “convictions”.


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