About Zeb

Zeb @ 10 months old

Zeb @ 7 years old, 2nd Grade

Zeb @ Age 19, 12th Grade

Zeb was always seeking acceptance from his peers, and unfortunately most adolescents are very intolerant of those who are different or slower than themselves. This is why Zeb was always eager to make a new friend and accepted anyone into his life regardless of their personality. That being said, he had no concept of how to avoid a bad situation, or how to avoid people who only wanted to take advantage of him.

Zeb was always making foolish mistakes growing up. From throwing fireworks in a dumpster , to stealing candy from the convenience store, or taking money from his mom’s purse. He never once got away with any of these, and always broke under interrogation (I use the word loosely of course) from his family.  I tell you this to show you that due to his condition he was unable to identify when he was making a bad choice and to learn from the mistakes he made.