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I am Zeb’s younger brother. I wanted to share my experience growing up with Zeb and give some insight on who he is. Most people have no idea what Kleinfelter’s syndrome is or how it affects those people who have it. That is largely due to it being an under diagnosed chromosomal disorder. But I can account first hand to the effects of his disorder.

I am three years younger than Zeb, but growing up it never felt that way except for him always being taller than anyone else I knew. I was always an academic child, had a 4.0 GPA and never felt challenged enough by any schooling or testing I had taken. Zeb was just the opposite. He was always in classes that were behind me, even though I was three years younger. I always had a hard time understanding why he was so far behind me or why he seemed to learn slowly, as it wasn’t until much later we found out he had Kleinfelter’s syndrome.

Zeb was always seeking acceptance from his peers, and unfortunately most adolescents are very intolerant of those who are different or slower than themselves. This is why Zeb was always eager to make a new friend and accepted anyone into his life regardless of their personality. That being said, he had no concept of how to avoid a bad situation, or how to avoid people who only wanted to take advantage of him.

Zeb was always making foolish mistakes growing up. From throwing fireworks in a dumpster , to stealing candy from the convenience store, or taking money from my mom’s purse. He never once got away with any of these, and always broke under interrogation (I use the word loosely of course) from my family.  I tell you this to show you that due to his condition he was unable to identify when he was making a bad choice and to learn from the mistakes he made.

Even though Zeb made plenty of mistakes in his life, I know what type of person he is, and also what kind of people the girls who accused him are, as I too went to high school with them. These girls were all friends, who spent much of their free time together. I do not mean to be insensitive to anyone who has been sexually assaulted, but it rings suspicious to me when five friends all come forward together to report crimes they claim took place over a 3 year spread. Not one of them came forward when they reported the crime to have taken place. That and the story that one of the girls said that I had to come in and stop Zeb while he was assaulting her, which I assure you is not true.

I wanted to share my story and let you all know that I love Zeb, despite all his flaws, and know in my heart that he would and could not commit such atrocities. He has always had a big heart and been very accepting of everyone. I hope the truth will be found and that justice will be done.