One for the Record

The following is something that I put together for his attorney. She never used one single thing that I gave her. Not from this or from anything else. The first is from the Trooper report and the second is from the Grand Jury. I had them side by side but this program won’t allow me to print it that way so it will be one after the other.
Trooper Interview
January 28, 2009
A1 told Trooper that we came up here from Oregon and spent time in Cal. and Kentucky. We spent no time in Cal. and no one in our family has ever been to Kentucky.
A1 says she was good friends with Zeb’s ex-girlfriend, Stacy Begely. We had not been here long enough to have an ex-girlfriend, and he has no idea who Stacy Begely is. He has never heard of her. So there is the second lie.
A1 says that she gave Zeb a ride home from the church prom. No mention of the fact that she gave him a ride to the dance, which was in Eagle River. Doesn’t mention that she actually dropped Zeb off and left in a hurry because she was late getting home and was going to be in a lot of trouble from her dad. Her mom told Zeb’s mom that earlier in the evening. She was not there long enough for Zeb to walk around to the driver’s side and try to get her out of the pickup. Had that happened we would have seen it as we were home. It was 2300, which was the time that she was supposed to be at her house. She does not mention that she had actually picked Zeb up for the dance and came in and met us at that time. We have a picture of her and Zeb in their dress clothes standing in our living room. Why does she not mention that little FACT?
The following Monday she started spreading the lie that Zeb had tried to rape her at our house after the dance. Again we were home.
Page 278, 8th paragraph she said she went into our house to meet “Tina Whisler”. Again, no mention that she met us the night of the dance as the picture proves!

Grand Jury
February 25, 2009
Note: all the DA’s questions are leading questions. I thought that was a no-no!
The DA calls her attention to March of 2003. Then asks “Did you give Zeb Whisler a ride on that day?”pg. 48, lines 17 thru 20! What day? Where did she give him a ride from? Sounds like from school. She never mentions the Dance at all in the Grand Jury. Why is that? That’s what she mentions first in the trooper interview. We have a photo of them dressed up.
Pg. 48 lines 7 and 8, she says she went in the house to meet his family. Again she did not mention the FACT that we had already met and the picture proves it! That was the night of the dance and she never mentions the dance at all to the Grand Jury.
A1 says that Zeb put her in a chair and sat on her while he took her shirt off. How could to people that big both sit in the same chair and he could still get her shirt off? She says she started yelling at Zeb. Then his brother walked out into the garage. But she was in shock and didn’t say anything to him. I thought she just said that she was yelling at Zeb. In that small house his brother would have heard!!!!!
She tells the Trooper that Zeb had his pants undone, but still on and she wiggled out from under him, grabbed her blouse and ran out the side door. The side door was blocked with a dresser so that the kids couldn’t just sneak in and out!
On page 278 she says that a couple of weeks later there was a big wind storm. The windstorm was before the dance so this statement is incorrect.
She says that she told the secretary and the principal at high school what happened in the school and that the principal told her not to worry about it. The principal has no knowledge of it. He would have been required by law to do something.
pg. 279 she says that Zeb accused her father of assaulting him and officers responded and that the accusation was proven false. Where is the police report on that load of crap? The fact is that her dad told Zeb that he would kill him and his whole family and I, (Dean Whisler), tried to file charges against him for Terroristic Threatening.
On page 279 midway she states that her mom pointed out that Zeb was in the middle of the highway holding up traffic and staring at them in his car. Then he followed them in his car.
Please describe the car.
pg. 48 line 11. She said that no one was home except his brother. If she had given him a ride home his brother would not have been there yet as he rode the bus and it didn’t get there for a while. His attorney and investigator know it was actually his sister that came into the room.
pg. 48 line 16 she still mentions the chair but then the story changes. pg. 49 line 1 she now says that he undid her belt and pants. Then in line 5 she says he raped her. No mention of rape in the first interview. She told the Trooper that she ran out the door. That’s a mighty big change. What happened to his brother coming into the room and her using that time to get away?
Now she says that she had given him a ride home a few times because of the storm. So which was it?
No mention of telling the principal at the grand jury. Why not? Did she realize that the grand jury would want to hear from the principle and that her lie would be uncovered?
No mention of this to the Grand Jury. I guess she couldn’t remember that part of the lie.
Pg54 line 15 – 18. He parked his car in the middle to the road. Do I need to say it again? He had no car or driver’s license.
pg. 279. She tells the Trooper that Zeb parked in the street in front of her house for hours. She says that Officer Anthony of PPD was called and just told her to get a protective order. First, again, he had no car and no driver’s license. So how could he park in the street? If you check with officer Anthony I think you will find that we actually went to her about the accusations and when A1 came in a day or two later she ran out of the building when Officer Anthony suggested she take a lie detector test.
pg. 279 she says that he ran Billy Schumacher off the road with his car. Again no car and no license. He and Billy were buddies. Your investigator asked Billy the wrong question. She did not say that Billy ran her off the road. Please get the facts straight.
On the bottom of page 279 she says that she and Tina were called in to the Bishops office. Well we were in different wards so they would have seen different bishops. Why wasn’t Dean also called in? That statement about messing with Wyoming girls is pretty stupid. Why I thought that she said we came from Oregon, via Kentucky, which none of us have ever been to. Then the Trooper says that A1 gave him the names of several other girls. WHO? She moved away so whom would she know. In fact this interview was on the 28th and she supposedly says that she did not know A3 or A4, who were not interviewed until the 2nd of Feb. So if she didn’t know them then how did their names even come up? In fact her brother hung out with A4 the summer of 2008, not a long time
pg. 53 line 13 on. She says that he was just sitting in the street for about 3 hours. When asked if she was home she said for part of it. Asked if he just left she said, “he must have because he wasn’t there when I got home.” If she wasn’t home then how did she know how long he was there? She never mentioned to the Trooper that she had left the house. She tells of him stopping in the middle of the highway. Need I say it again, NO CAR NO LICENSE!!!
On page 55 he asked her if all this was done without her permission. I thought that was already insinuated.
On page 56 she talks about being afraid of us and that we might hurt her or her family. Where did she get that idea? We made no calls and had no contact with any of them. We did go to the bishops, and to PPD and let them know that she was spreading lies in church and school. But we did not contact them. In fact on page 283 of Trooper Dunford’s report he states that “neither Dean nor Tina Whisler had contacted her”.
Pg. 56 lines 20 – 23 she states that it took Dunford two to three weeks of calling her before she trusted him enough to tell him everything. Dunford’s report shows that she told him what happened on the 28th of January, which means one of two things. Either she perjured herself on the Grand Jury or Dunford started calling her somewhere between the 7th to the 14th of January, which would mean that his testimony is a lie and that he was in the middle of a conspiracy to falsely
ago. She says that Zeb bragged about us having money. Not at that time we didn’t.
Now on page 283 Dunford says that he did another interview with Amanda on the 4th of February. Interesting how the recorder didn’t work right, OK LET’S HAVE A LISTEN TO THE RECORDING!!!!!The Troopers seem to have had a lot of trouble with recordings during this case. Since as it states that we never contacted her then why would she be afraid of us? Maybe because we can prove what a lying piece of trash she is?
The stories of what happened in the school don’t match up. Then she says that at the school there was no one in the hall between periods. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
On page 283 and 284 Dunford says that he reviewed what he had learned in the previous interview with A1. On 284 he says that A1 told him that Zeb rubbed her vagina with his hand and put his fingers inside her. Then he put his penis inside her. She never said either of those things. In fact she said she got out from under him and ran out a blocked door. He supposedly said “oh come on I know you like it” and “what’s wrong with you know you like it.” That is not in the first interview or the grand jury testimony. She’s not sure how she got from the chair to the bed, oh please!!!!! Now she names Zeb’s younger brother, or did the Trooper just make that up. Next she states that she did not want to talk to the trooper about what had happened the first time he called. She told him a whole bunch of stuff and he just reviewed it on this page. The second call was only 7 days later. What happened to the 2 or 3 weeks. .
prosecute Zeb. Those are the only 2 options. CONSPIRACY OR PERJURY
The DA says tells the Jury that the touching in the school is count X but doesn’t mention it’s also count XI.
None of this is in the Grand Jury testimony. Only that he raped her. Not a thing about his fingers.
On page 49 line 16 she says “not more than five to seven minutes”. Interesting but the same phrase is used by one of the other girls.
This second one is not a new story, just a repeat of the previous one with a couple of changes. Who’s idea was that hers or the Troopers? Anyone that had been attacked by someone would not go out with them again, especially to the same place.


We will refer to this accuser as A1.  A1 started this back in 2003 while they were in high school. One day A1 invited Zeb to a dance. It was being held in Eagle River. Since Zeb did not have a llicense or a vehicle, A1 drove. After they had left A1’s mom called Zeb’s mom. During their conversation A1’s mom mentioned that A1 better not get home late or her dad would have a fit, as she had trouble with boys before. Later we learned that at least 2 boys had quit Palmer High School because of her. Well guess what, they arrived at our house at the time she was to be at her house. That meant she was late. Next day she has a rumor going around school that Zeb tried to rape her at our house and that was why she was late. We took action and went to the church leaders and then to the Palmer Police to let them know what was going on.  Sure enough within a few days she tried to make a report at Palmer police. She happened to get the same officer that we talked to. This officer agreed to place the report if A1 could pass a polygraph.  A1 and her mom left the police department in a hurry, according to the report we got from the officer. Other than the rumors at school and her dad making threats to Zeb and coming to morning church seminary we didn’t hear much more until after.  A1 made a claim and Trooper Dunford talked her into making a report with him. The police report is all over the place.  Since we were home the night of the dance, the Spring of 2003, she could no longer claim that an attack happened at our house that night.  She claimed that Zeb tried to drag her out of the pickup. We didn’t see any of that as we were watching out the window.   Next she claims that she gave Zeb a ride several times and at one point she claims that she never met Zeb’s mom and did not come into our house on the night of the dance. Then how did we get a picture of her and Zeb dressed for the dance standing in our living room. She goes on to tell of Zeb talking her into coming into his room and then how he attacked her. Then in one statement she says that Zeb’s little brother came into the room and that stopped Zeb. In another statement she says it was his little brother Joshua. We don’t have a Joshua in our family.  But the fact is that it wasn’t his brother that came into the room it was another member of the family and at that point A1 was sitting on top of Zeb, giggling.. However she tells it that Zeb was on top of her and when his “brother” came into the room she was able to wiggle out from under Zeb and escape out the side door of the garage. Not possible since we had a freezer in front of that door. Much more to go but I’ll let you digest that for now.

A twist in the tale

The following comes from the audio and police reports. When the father of one of the accusers, the same one that lied on the witness stand, was being questioned by Trooper Dunford, he talked about the alleged drive bys. The father stated that Zeb had “driven by the house several times that summer”. Dunford asked, “which summer”. The father stated, “I’m not sure”. Then in Dunfords’ written report he says that the man told him, “the summer of 03”. Now Dunford has altered a witness statement. I believe that is tampering with testimony. What laws does that viiolate? You decide this one. Do you really believe, as does the system, that it is ok for cops to lie. For them to alter testamony to BUILD a case, rather than investigate one and get to the truth? Because folks thats the way they do things here. Does not make it right. Isn’t it time to put a stop to all the crocked ways. As a side note to this, the father and mother could not even agree as to what kind of vehicle Zeb was driving. But remember the DMV and insurance records that show Zeb had no car and no insurance. The mother told of Zeb stopping his car in the middle of the road and just stareing at her and her daughter. She said that cars were honking their horns at him. If that were to have happened then why wasn’t he stopped by Palmer Police. Simple, without a car in was impossible for Zeb to do that. Wow, more lies. Tune in next time and we’ll discuss this accusers made up story. Thank you for reading

Grand Jury

During grand jury Trooper Dunford took the subject away from the items with Zeb and moved the topic to me, Zebs’ dad. One might well ask why, as I was not under investigation. Dunford rattled off a bunch of lies about me and what he knew about me, which he had never met me before that night. When my wife and I arrived at the bowling alley to get my pick up a tow truck was starting to connect up to it. We did not see anyone else around. My wife ran over to let the tow truck driver know that we were there to get the pickup. We assumed that the owner of the bowling alley was haveing the truck towed. Then out of the dark came a man dressed all in black and started yelling and did all but touch her. As I was saying, Dunford began telling the grand jury all about this. He made himself out to be some kind of nice guy, which he wasn’t, and then he told the grand jury that I stood between him and my wife with my arms crossed and would not allow him to deal with her. It even got to the point that the whole conversation turned to pressing charges against me and trying to get that before the same grand jury. But here is the interesting part. They were on the drivers side of the pick up and I was on the other side. Now my wife says I did not get between them, I say that I not only did not get between them but I never even got on that side of the vehicle. The most interesting part is that the tow truck driver states that I never got on that side of the vehicle. That means that 3 of us say I never got in between them, in fact did not even get the same side of the vehicle as Dunford and my wife. Oh, my, that means Dunford committed perjury again. Does anyone see a pattern here. Just to make it clear, all the things I am putting on here are from the court transcripts or the police reports. Next time see how Dunford twists statements to fit his own agenda.


While I’m on the subject of the pickup let us go a bit fruther. First off it is a Ford Ranger. That is a rather small pickup. In order to drive it he had to have the seat all the way back and it leaned back. Even then his knees were still pressed against the steering wheel. Now the one accuser claims that he did what she claims he did in the front of that pickup. If you are not familiar with the size of a Ranger then go take a look at one. Anyhow he is 6’8″ and 300 pounds. She is 5’6″ and 252 pounds. How on earth could he have done what she claims in the front of that pickup.(we’ll cover her story later). For right now though I’d like to go over the “search warrant”, that Trooper Dunford got for the pickup. Keep in mind that when getting a warrant the cop is under oath, just like in a courtroom. He has to justify the warrant to a judge. In his application for the warrant he justified it by saying that he saw a cell phone in the drivers seat and a laptop case amoung other things, but these are the two important items. Now when a warrant has been served the inventory and a copy of the warrant is to be given to the owner of the property, or if the owner cannot be reached a copy must be left at the scene and a copy returned to the judge. The judge is then suspossed to verify that the warrant is good. Well to start with I never did get a copy of the warrant or inventory and I own the pickup and am unable to get to the pickup as it is custody at MTR. By the way the taxpayers are picking up a 4 year storage tab for that. Your dollars at work folks. The returned inventory sheet did not have a LAPTOP or case on it. At that point the judge should have stopped things and asked what was going on. Dunford used the laptop case as a reason to get the warrant, yet its not on the inventory. The reason is simple. The laptop case didn’t exist. We never had a laptop, neither Zeb or us, so there could not have been a laptop case in the pickup. Why didn’t the judge ask that question. Maybe because the judge didn’t want to do his job, or maybe it was all part of a setup. You figure that out. Maybe the judge was just to dumb to know his job. Now the cell phone. The phone that he claims that he saw in the drivers seat, and was on the inventory, was indeed Zebs’ phone. However I’d like to know how it got into the drivers seat for Dunford to see it there. I was there when they placed Zeb under arrest. Dunford reached into Zebs’ right vest pocket, he was wearing a black carhart vest, and pulled out that phone and the pickup keys and set them on the hood of Trooper Leventry’s patrol car. So how did that cell phone get into the drivers seat of the pickup? Only one way, and that is that Dunford had to put it there! That’s tampering with evidence at a minium. Now when we went to get the pickup, Dunford was having it towed. We didn’t know this at first. My wife went to get the pickup and stop the tow truck driver. At one point she actually got into the drivers seat. Now if there had been a cell phone in the seat she would have either picked it up or knocked it out of the seat. Either way it would not have been in the seat. So again Dunford lied to the Judge. That is no less than 2 counts of perjury and 1 count of tampering with evidence. All felonies. So why is Trooper Dunford walking around and not in jail for perjury. Because the system here promotes the cops lieing. You see they don’t investigate a case, they build one, by any means necessary. Why didn’t his attorney bring this up? Good question, I wish I had a good answer. We gave her that information. She had knowledge of it. Just like the lieing dad. But she chose not to do a thing. We’ll deal with that later. So for right now, we have the Dad committing perjury in court, Dunford with 2 perjury counts to the judge and 1 count of tampering with evidence. Next time I’ll get into Trooper Dunford’s perjury in front of the grand jury.

Case update

Time to get out some facts. First off we need to all agree that when a person lies in court its called PERJURY. In Alaska, as well as other states, perjury is a felony. That’s up to 10 years in jail. So let us go to the trial. The father of one of the accusers was on the stand. He told how Zeb had driven by his house,”about 15 times”. Now he was talking about the summer of 2003. This in itself is a lie but that wasn’t all of it. He was asked what Zeb was driving. He stated that he was driving a RED FORD PICKUP. Now we have 2 lies. Excuse me that’s two cases of PERJURY. Both DMV and insurance records provie that Zeb did not have a drivers license or a vehicle in 2003. The witness said RED FORD PICKUP because that is what they had for “evidence”. However, again, DMV and insurance records prove that the red ford pickup referred to was not purchased by our family until 2005 and Zeb did not start driving it until 2007. So since we didn’t have a red ford, and he had no license in 2003, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Zeb to have driven it, or anything for that matter, past their house in 2003. The accuser, daughter of the witness, also stated that she had given Zeb a ride several times. Why would she need to do that if he had a vehicle and a license. Guess that means that the witness committed PERJURY. Shouldn’t he be charged criminally for committing perjury? Yes his lawyer knew these facts and did nothing about it. She never even questioned the witness or objected.

The Night of Zeb’s Arrest

This story will be from the facts, either from the police reports, personal testimony or personal knowledge.   On the 23rd of January 2009, Zeb was at work as a cook. He eceived a visit from someone that claimed to be an Alaska State Trooper.  However he never once showed an ID to anyone. Not Zeb or the manager nor to myself later on. Zeb called his mom and told her that a Trooper was waiting to talk to him. His mom called the trooper and told him we were on our way, and that Zeb has a learning disability. The trooper told her that we couldn’t come down or we would be charged with interference.

I went down from my work to see what was going on. When we came out of the place where he was working the person that claimed to be Trooper Dunford was waiting. I asked him what he wanted and he said he needed to talk to Zeb. I asked what about and he said not in front of Zeb so I suggested we step off to the side which we did. He told me that he wanted to question Zeb about an accusation of sexual assault. He and I got into a discussion about the girls in this area and how they are liars and that he has had to shut them down. He would not even look directly at me. I was starting to get suspicious that he was not really    a cop at all.  I finally asked if Zeb was under arrest and he said no. I told Zeb to go home. Dunford told him to stay put, I asked again, “is he under arrest”?, again he said “no”.  I told Zeb to go home.  Now it’s about 12:30 a.m. on January 24th, 2009.  Zeb started       to get into his pickup when Dunford started yelling and waving his arms. Dunford was yelling,  “your under arrest, your under arrest, don’t move, put your hands on the vehicle.” At that point another trooper came out of the dark. Dunford started pat searching Zeb.  I told Zeb not to say any thing and to demand a lawyer. I told him this several times.  I find it interesting that even though Dunford was the one that said, “your under arrest”, and he did the searches, it is not his name on the arrest record, it is the other Trooper, Leventry’s name on the report.  In fact after talking with several hundred people that have been arrested I have not been able to find one single person that has been arrested by Dunford. I have a theory on that. I kept telling Zeb not to talk to anyone. Dunford kept telling me to leave. I was back by my vehicle. Now in Dunford’s report he tells how he had to keep yelling at me to leave and that I got between him and Zeb, which never happened. I am not that stupid.  Interesting how he has nothing to back up his claim that I did that.  I however have a witness.  Leventry and Dunford had Zeb at Leventry’s car and were conducting a pat search. Dunford reached into Zeb’s right vest pocket and took out his keys and his cell phone and placed them on the hood of Leventry’s car. Keep that  in mind about the cell phone coming out of Zeb’s vest pocket, it will be important later in showing how Dunford lied to get a warrant.  They put Zeb into Leventrys’ car and Leventry took him to the Palmer Post.  Now keep in mind Zeb is 6′ 8″ tall and Leventry put the handcuffs extra tight and put him in the back of the cop car with no room, his shoulders hurting like crazy, and  left marks in his hand.  Leventry did not go directly to the Trooper station, he wanted to inflict pain on Zeb so he went the extra long way.  From the bowling alley to the Trooper station would take no longer than 12 minutes, but Leventry took the long way that took appx 28 minutes.  Just by the Troopers behavior this was not an ordinary arrest, they wanted Zeb to suffer.  Why?  This arrest was personal, and that is what this story is about.

The Beginning… An Introduction to When Zebulon was a Child

First let me explain Zebulon to those who might be curious as to why we are fighting for his justice. Zebulon Clark Whisler was born on 11/8/1984 in Kodiak, Alaska, the third son of 6 kids. He was born the smallest weighing 6 lbs. 12oz. & 19 inches long. I can hear you asking “What does this have to do with fighting for his justice”?  The fact is this is where it began.

Zebulon at 15 months old had a very high fever of 105.4 for several hours. We almost lost him that night of January 30th, 1986.  Then when he was 3 1/2 on May 13th, 1988 [yes Friday the 13th], I asked him to go outside to play with Daniel his older brother.  Rusty my husband was in the USCG and was sent TAD to Elizabeth City, NC.  So a few minutes later Daniel came rushing into the house to tell me Zebe was bleeding.  I went to the door and all I saw was blood all over Zebe’s face, throat, and chest.  Zebulon was climbing up the ladder of the slide when he slipped and fell. He was carrying a stick in his mouth, so when he fell the stick went through the roof of his mouth. It was serious.  It ended up, that he needed surgery with 8 stitiches in his hard pallet. He just missed by a hair, of the stick going through his soft pallet where all the senses are connected.  The ENT told us we were very lucky.

But after that Zebe developed TICS, which I thought it was do to his injury, but it was a combination. So when Zeb started school I knew he would need extra help in academics. I thought maybe it was because of his high fever, never knowing this precious misunderstood little boy had Klinefelter’s Syndrome.  Had the USCG medical done as they were instructed by Dr. Brenner in Anchorage, and had done a genetic chromoesone test, we would be on a different path. We would have known at age 8 he had Klinefelter’s Syndrome, and become part of a support group like Klinefelter’s Syndrome and Associates.

We would have a “road map” so to speak, and he would have had the guidance and help he needed. Instead what happened was we didn’t know and we had to guess what was the best course for his education and upbringing.  When he was in 1st grade and on the playground he was yelled at for being with the first graders and told he needed to go back with his 6th grade class. He was 7 years old, was a first grader, and taller than anyone in the elementary school. The kids in his class would make up songs,  and lyrics about him, taunt him, and still he was eager to please.  Never held a grudge, kind, always willing to help, and not being able to read “social cues”.   Had we his parents known he had Klinefelter’s Syndrome all of this could have been avoided.  We were clueless, in the dark, just like all the teachers, and people who knew and loved him. He was just a little  boy in a giant sized body, and only wanted what we all long for acceptance.

welcome to JusticeForZeb

This is a new website. As we are just getting started we ask you to be patient and check back often. I would like to start by saying that Zeb is a gentle giant. Anyone who knows him will agree with that. Please check out the link to klienfelter’s to understand more about him and those like him. In this site we plan to lay out all the evidence in his case. Virtually none of the evidence was presented in court. No investigation was done into anything that could show his innocence. In the video you will see 2 females “collecting evidence”. Evidence that was not needed. It was collected against all know regulations. He was touched on the genitals by opposite sex and then they found nothing. As a side note, they did not put anything about the touching or penial swab in their written report. But as I said we will go through this step by step. Please take time now to review the klienfelters page.

Forensic Evidence Collection

In this video, you can see Zeb being examined for forensic evidence in the rape case by two female State Troopers. How is this okay? Were this a female getting her genitals examined by two males this would have received national attention.