AJ– the lies


On page 56 of the Grand Jury testimonies, Amanda is testifying, under oath. She states, referring to Trooper Dunford, “He finally ended up calling my mom to get my phone number, and it took him talking to me for two to three weeks before I was—finally trusted him enough to be able to tell him everything.” Ok I was arrested on the 24th of January. His first call to Amanda was on January 28th. So to place this in light, two to three weeks would be sometime between February 11th and February 18th. There was a second interview on the 4th of February. That still doesn’t fit into the time frame, especially the 3 weeks’ time frame.  So is she lying? It would be very obvious that she is. The only other explanation is that if in fact it was 2 or 3 weeks, then Trooper Dunford either lied on his report when he dated it Jan. 28th or he in fact set this whole thing up and started calling her early in the month of January, which would fit in to some of the things that show up in the MY SPACE account information. We will cover that later. So in summary either Amanda committed perjury, Dunford committed perjury, or Dunford is guilty of CONSPIRACY!

I find it very interesting that during the second interview that the recording didn’t take because he had a switch in the wrong position. I thought he was an experienced trooper?

In Dunford’s report, see pg 547, in 2nd paragraph Amanda says that she met me through her church.  She says that we started attending the same church in 2001.  That is very strange since we did not arrive in Alaska until the summer of 2002 and did not start going to church in Palmer until the fall of 2002. My dad’s military record will verify that we did not leave Oregon until July of 2002. In fact in the spring of 2002 he was deployed on a Coast Guard ship off the Mexican/Guatemalan coasts.  She says that I told her that we came up from Oregon and spent time in California and Kentucky. In fact we went to Disneyland but none of my family has ever been to Kentucky. So did she just make up the story about Kentucky or does she have me confused with someone else. I never mentioned Kentucky since I have never been there. According to Dunford’s report Amanda was good friends with my ex-girlfriend Stacy Begley.  Well part of that is a bold faced lie.  Stacy could not stand Amanda, hated her in fact. Stacy hung out with several of us in what was called the “Magic Corner”, and everyone in the Magic Corner hated Amanda. Dunford asks if I graduated and she says she didn’t know because she had to switch schools because of me. No mention of the foot surgery that her dad claims she had. Amanda stated, in telephone interview, that she met me at a church prom and ended up having to give me a ride home. That is a complete lie. It was a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls ask the boys, and she asked me to the dance. Since I did not have a car or driver’s license she drove to and from the dance. My parents have pictures of us in my parents’ house when we were leaving. She then says that is the first time I tried to attack her in the car. Not only is that a lie, but it is never mentioned in any of the written reports. Then she says that a couple of weeks later there was a huge windstorm and she gave me a ride home where I invited her inside to meet my mom. Interesting, why would I want her to meet my mom when they already met when we went to the prom. We have the photograph to prove this. In the Grand Jury testimony she says that I wanted to show her around and introduce me to his family. Again I say why, when they had already met and she had been in our house the night of the prom! Now in Dunfords’ report she says that Tina Whisler was not home, but in Grand Jury she says “that no one was home except for his younger brother”, which is what is stated in the audio interview. A point conveniently left out of Dunford’s report. Also not true. If as she says she gave me a ride after school then my brother would not have been home because he rode the bus and didn’t get home until later. She says that we went into the garage. In the police report it says that I forced her into the garage. So did she go willingly or was she forced?  Too many lies to be sure. Now she says that I forced her into a chair and sat on her then took off her button down blouse. Really, can someone show me how that is possible! In the Grand Jury she doesn’t mention anyone coming into the garage. However in the police report she says that she was yelling at me. Then why didn’t someone come in. She says that my younger brother walked into the room. Wouldn’t he have been running in? According to Dunford’s written report of an interview on February 4th, one that Amanda’s side of the conversation was not recorded because of a misplaced switch, he has that she named Zeb’s brother as Joshua. In the first audio tape he asked her my brother’s name and she did not know; only that he was younger. In the February interview Dunford says “and his brother’s name is Joshua?” “Hum ok”. So were did Joshua come from? My only guess is that Dunford made it up. What did she say back to him? No possible way to be sure. Well we don’t have a Joshua in our family. But here’s the thing. If a real investigation had been done, then the trooper would have discovered that we don’t have a Joshua, which would have proved that she is a liar, if in fact she said that. I still contend that he made it up. Also had he done an investigation he would have discovered that it was in fact my sister that came into the room, not my brother, and she actually saw Amanda sitting on me and tickling me. In Grand Jury she says that when I was done she grabbed her stuff and left. In police report she says that while I was talking to my brother she was able to wiggle out from under me, got her blouse and ran out the side door of the garage. Two points here, 1)that is two different stories, 2) she gives two versions of this and in the first she ran out the door and didn’t look back, then she says that she went out the door and when she was getting into her car I was coming out  the side door. I thought she said that she didn’t look back. Which is it? Again if a real investigation had been done they would have discovered that the side door was blocked with a large dresser. Then of course in the next, February, interview it is suddenly changed to me now raping her. I am still having trouble figuring out how I was able to get her clothes off and rape her while I was sitting on her thighs.

In Dunfords’ report she says that I assaulted her in school.  She says that she reported it to the Principal and that he told her that she was making it up and that he would not do anything about it. Then she says that she told the secretary to the counselors who had her report it to the principal’s office. The principal no investigation, no one talked to the principal. My parents did later, and the principal, Wolfgang Winter, stated that no one every reported any such thing. If someone had reported such a thing, they would have been required by law to report it and the offender removed from school until an investigation was done. Maybe Dunford or my attorney should have went and talked to him.

Amanda claims that she and her mom were walking to Carrs and that I was stopped in the middle of the highway holding up traffic. Really? Three problems with this story, 1) wouldn’t someone have called the police and reported it? 2) I had no car and no driver’s license at that time. Earlier she talked about giving me rides home. If I had a car then why would I have needed rides home? 3) Her dad claims that she had surgery on her feet. So how were they walking to Carrs if she had surgery and was in a wheel chair?  On the bottom of pg. 548 she says that I once parked in the street in front of Amanda’s house watching the house for hours. However in the Grand Jury testimony she states that I sat in the street for about 3 hours. The DA asked “in his vehicle?” She says no just me. Then when asked if I just left she says that I must have because I was gone when she came home. So I guess she left and some point? Then how did she know how long I stayed? If she left then why wouldn’t I have just left too?  Again I did not have a car or a driver’s license. See attached insurance records and DMV records.

The next part gets very interesting. There are several version of the story. Pg. 549 she says she graduated from high school and went to job corps. She says that some men in the men’s dorm told her that I was looking for her. The only person that I went there to see was Billy Schumacher. She goes on to say that I ran Billy Schumacher off the road with my car. I repeat, NO CAR, NO DRIVERS LICENCE. Also Billy and I were good friends. Keep in mind that all of this was allegedly happened in the spring and summer of 2003. But notice that Dunford never interviewed Billy Schumacher.

Amanda claims that she stopped going to church because of me. She was called in to talk to the Bishop. She says that my mom was called in also. Well here we go again with lies. To start with we went to different wards, so they would not have been called into the same bishop. However my mom was not called into the bishop’s office. Of course if the cops or my attorney had talked to either my mom or the bishop, they would have discovered it was all a lie. Also saying “you better watch out, you don’t mess with Wyoming girls”, is not something that my mom would say, and in fact the only time my mom has ever talk to Amanda was the night of the prom. Strange she doesn’t mention the Bishop’s office in the Grand Jury testimony. She only says that my mom said, “That she needs to watch out and not to mess with them.”

During the first interview with Mike Summitt, done by telephone, Mike claims that, “it was basically a date rape.” Well the only actual date we went on was the church prom and nothing happened that night. Amanda’s claim of rape happened either before or after that. It is very hard to determine as her story changes from one telling to another. Next he tells Dunford that they talked to a PPD officer but had trouble remembering her name. Mike says that this PPD officer also talked to 4 other girls that claimed I had done the same thing to them. Now in point, this would have had to have happened prior to the summer of 03. We did not get here till fall of 02. So with going to school, working at McDonalds and living at home, when was there time to assault 4 other girls. Where and how was this supposed to happen, I didn’t have a vehicle to get around. Mike keeps saying that Dunford should contact Officer Anthony. However there is absolutely no indication that he ever did. No audio, no written report or any indication of any kind that Dunford make any attempt to contact her. Then he claims to have met my dad. However my dad has never met, or so far as he knows has never even seen Mike. Mike claims that Anthony interviewed them then came over and talked with my family. That never happened. In fact what really happened is that the day after the prom Amanda started rumors at school that I had raped her or tried to rape her the night of the prom. Yet in all the testimony she claims to have driven away upon dropping me off. So we reported it to our Bishop. When it continued we went to PPD and asked Officer Anthony what we could do about it. Later Officer Anthony told us that Amanda and her mom came into the PPD and wanted to file charges. So she, Anthony, told them that she would file the claim if Amanda would take a lie detector test. But that if she failed the test she would charge her with filing a false claim. Anthony stated that Sandra and Amanda almost ran out of PPD. Mike claims that, ‘we had running problems with me for almost 2 years after that, he kept stalking my daughter.” Ok, let us dissect that. Dunford and Mike have already established that the alleged incident took place in 2003. Now he says that they had trouble with stalking for almost two years. Well in the next interview Mike says that Amanda had surgery on her feet and was home schooled for a year. So she must have been at home until around summer of 2004. Upon graduation in 04 I went to California and lived with my older brother for several months. So we can take that time off the table. In 05 I came back to Alaska but then went and worked at a fishing lodge out of Kodiak. So when did I have time to stalk her. All of these are facts that Dunford could have found out it he had done an investigation. But instead he decided to “build” a case against me, facts and truth be damned. Next Mike claims to know us through the church. That is a flat out lie. My parents have never met either of them. Have no idea what they look like. In fact to the best of my knowledge Mike does not attend church, or at least not very often. Their family was in a different ward and so we had no interaction. Mike says, “I know he hangs around a lot of young girls and the young adults. “ So is he saying that he knows what I was doing in 08/09? If so then he must have been stalking me. If he meant that I hung around a bunch of girls in 03 then he is full of it. You have to be 18 and graduated to attend the young adult ward. Which I wasn’t, and he would have no idea because Amanda definitely wasn’t old enough to attend young adult ward. If he meant young men/young women activities, then we either met separately of in one big group. Either way it shows that he either has no idea what goes on and is making things up as he goes along or is flat out lying. Also interesting how he never mentions any of this in the second interview and never asks Dunford if he had talked to Officer Anthony or got a copy of the report. He was very adamant that Dunford talk to her and get the report. I can only guess that there is no report and he knows it. Dunford kept saying that he was going to talk to Anthony yet there is not a shred of evident that he ever did.

During interview number 2 with Mike Summitt, Amanda Summitt’s father, Dunford asks Mike to describe the first time that he met “Zeb”. Mike states that it was the when his daughter brought me over to his house to meet him. “I had to meet all the boys that she hung around with.” “I don’t remember the year, I believe it was summertime, I was in the garage, I believe I was cleaning my guns”. Yet in his report Dunford has that Mike told him 2003. That is not what he said. Well either way that wouldn’t have been possible since we didn’t get into Alaska until July and was in Anchorage until August and then we were living out off trunk road with friends until the first of September. In the interview Dunford asks how that went. Mike simply states, “It went just fine.” Yet in Dunford’s report he says that “Mike Summitt thought Zebulon was well spoken and polite”. That is clearly not what Mike said! He next claims that she went over to “his place a few times with her younger brothers”. The younger brothers were never taken over to the Whislers’ home. Then he says that nothing really happened until “I think it was like a prom or something”. Mike then claims that after that we broke up. Dunford puts in his report, “Mike noticed that Zebulon would still come by the house, but would not come in”. Mike does not say any such thing! Mike says, “After that I would be out working in the yard or something and I’d see Zeb, he kept cruising through the area in his pickup truck real slow by our house 10 or 15 times a day.” Note 3 things here, first he says that “he” seen me drive by. He soon changes his tune. Second DMV and Insurance records show that I had neither a vehicle nor a driver’s license at that time. Nor did we have a pickup truck. So how is it possible to drive something that we don’t have? Third, Mike never says what summer this took place. However Dunford to liberties here and put down in his written report that Mike claims it was the summer of 2003. Now to revisit the 15 times a day. In Dunford’s report he simple says that Mike noticed Zebulon drive by their house approximately15 times. Not at all what Mike said. However Dunford did not include any of the rest of Mikes flip-flop statement. “I mean I’d only see him once or twice but the kids were telling me he was doing it that often.” Then Dunford says, “ok so the kids were telling you 10 or 15 times but you only saw him maybe 2 or 3 times.” Mike says, “Yea a couple of times.” Dunford asks, “How often would you see him cruise by your house slowly?” “It was like on my days off if I’d be there, sometimes I’d see him, it might be a couple hours later I’d see him cruise by slowly I think maybe twice in a day.” Dunford asks how many times he saw me do that. Mike says, “Over the period of that summer I probably saw him at least 15 times that summer.” Of course we still don’t know what summer Mike thought that this allegedly happened; only that Dunford says it was. Still don’t know how these drive bys were made with no vehicle. But let’s check the statement. He says at the end “15 times that summer”. Ok let’s do some math. He states earlier, that he saw me and then in a couple of hours he’d see me again. Let’s say that he only had 2 days off a week, and use an 8 hour day. That’s 4 times a day, times 2 days for 8 times a week. Times 4 weeks, that’s 32 times a month, times the standard 3 month summer, that’s 96 times,(minimum) during the summer. He also says the kids told him as many as 15 times a day. Ok Kids home all day. 15 times 7 for 105 times a week, times 4 weeks equals 420 times a month times 3 gives 1260 times. Something doesn’t add up. We only had 2 vehicles. Mom drove one and Dad the other. So how is this possible? Looks like no real investigation was done. There was only BUILDING a case.

Now we will look at Mike’s statement about AJ and seminary. First off Dunford says that in 2003 Mike obtained permission from his Bishop to attend seminary class. Mike never mentioned the year, Dunford taking liberties again. In the tape Mike does not mention Bishop Pyra, he only says that he got permission from his bishop. Also one does not have to get permission for a Bishop to attend a seminary class where you have a child attending, and by the way as a member of the same church, Dunford would have known this. Mike said that I came in and sat down across from AJ with big smile. But Dunford put down that I had a smug, gloating type smile. Two different things. Next Dunford’s report says that I looked back and saw Mike sitting in the back of the room and walked out of the class room. Shortly afterward Mike heard Dean Whisler yelling at Bishop Pyra regarding Mike’s presence in the room.  However if you listen to the taped interview this is what was said. “When he saw me he fell out of his chair and ran out of the room, it was hilarious.”  About 10 minutes after that he came back in and sat back down where he had sat the first time making sure that AJ could see him. And then his dad was there but his didn’t come into seminary class, he was out with two bishops yelling at them about me being there. Again in the written report Dunford says that my dad was yelling at Bishop Pyra. The taped conversation only says “two bishops” no names. That was the knowingly time that I ever met Zeb’s dad and I didn’t speak to him. Now Dunford asks, this was back in 03 and Mike says I believe so. To clarify, my Dad was working in Anchorage at that time so could not be there because he was commuting to Anchorage. Also, and Dunford as a member of the church, would know that the Bishops are not there in the early morning either. More important, and if Dunford had done a real investigation and talked with Bishop Pyra and Bishop Willardson he would have learned that not only did my dad not have a conversation with the bishops about this, but that he in fact has never had a cross word with either bishop. A fact that could have easily been verified by a simple investigative phone call. But then that would not have fit his agenda. Also a fact that at one point AJ tried to accuse Bishop Pyra of some form of sexual harassment or assault. I don’t know the details. In the taped interview Mike claims that I next walked over to my Dad. This did not happen as my dad was not there. Next Mike claims that AJ told him that I would get behind her and shove her just as she got to the stairs and that I got caught doing it by one of the adult men there and that I tried to lie my way out of it and that the man threw me into a wall. Total lie. First of there were no adult men there at that time of day. Second someone would have told my parents or at least the Bishop, and I would have told my parents about an adult throwing me into a wall.

Next they talk about school. Dunford asks where she went to school. Mike said that,” she was going to Palmer High but then she dropped out of that and finished going thru I think it was Ideal and then there was Burchell.” He starts to say that it is a school for—but doesn’t finish that thought. Mike says. “She originally dropped out, not really dropped out, she just quit going to regular school and home schooled because she had some operations on her feet and didn’t want to have to go around in the school in a wheel chair. So she did that for a year, from there she decided not to go back to school because Zeb was there and giving her a lot of problems and so she went ahead and joined, I think it was Burchell or something like that.” Dunford asks if she made a complaint to the school. Mike says “yea”. Then Dunford asked if the school did anything. Mike says, “Not Palmer High School, they never do.” He claims to have talked to several other adults who had similar problems and nothing was done.    So now let’s look at this. To start, he didn’t finish the thought because Burchell is a school where troubled kids go. Guess he didn’t want Dunford to think maybe his daughter is not the greatest kid. Then he claims that she had operations on her feet. Interesting how neither his wife, Sandra, nor his daughter, AJ, ever mentions anything about any such operation. Next he claims that she home schooled for a year and then joined Burchell. What happened to “Ideal”? To clarify, that would have to be the 03/04 school term. So if she was home schooled for a year that would be at least to the spring of 04. Next he says that she didn’t go back to Palmer because was there and giving her a bad time. He just said that she wasn’t there for the rest of that school year. I graduated spring of 04 so I would not have been at school that fall, also I had went to California for a while, so I wasn’t around to bother her. Dunford never checked with Palmer high. There was no report of me bothering her at school.

Next is Dunford’s  interview with Amanda’s mom Sandra. She claims that I attacked Amanda but that she was “brought up right and she got away”. Well if she got away then how is it that there are “rape charges”? Mike claimed that she was “date raped”? How many versions can you have to the same story? She makes the claim that I stopped in the middle of the highway and was staring at Amanda. Again I ask how. “NO CAR, NO LICENSE”! Now Sandra claims that the harassment from me was so bad that they took her out of high school and home schooled her. Wow, her dad said she was home schooled because she had operations on her feet. Amanda has another story. Next Sandra makes claims that I was attacking Amanda in the hall at school. She claims that it was reported and that the school told her that they would have to subpoena the records. She claims that the vice principal had it in for young women. She claims that Amanda kept going to him with the incidents. However Dunford never made any attempt to contact the school. Not one single report of him trying to find out anything from the school. Next she claims that my mom is a real “piece of work”. Sandra says that my mom claims that Amanda never came to our house. That is a lie, as we have a picture of us in our house on prom night. She says that my mom claims that I had nothing to do with her daughter, that we never even dated. Total lie, my mom has never said any such thing. She says that my mom called her daughter a “little hussy”. Well again if Dunford had done a real investigation he would have discovered that Amanda has caused a lot of trouble with boys in the area. In fact Brian Johnson quit the rifle team because she made so much trouble for him. She claims that there were even young men who had restraining order against me. First off I never had a single restraining order against me from anyone, male or female. Even if I did how would she know? She claims that I asked Amanda out. Total lie. It was a Sadie Hawkins dance. That is where the girl asks the guy out. Amanda asked me out to the dance. She claims that I tried to rape her at my house and that there were no witnesses. What about Amanda’s claims. Amanda claims that Zeb’s younger brother was there and came out into the room. She even names him. Joshua. Of course we have no Joshua. In fact had Dunford done an investigation he would have learned that it was Zeb’s sister that came into the room. Then Dunford commits witness tampering. He tells Sandra that he is concerned that the defense might start an investigation. He tells her that she should only talk to state troopers and that anyone who claims to be and investigator is lying and not to talk to them. That is witness tampering or at the very least interfering with and investigation. The defense does not use the troopers to investigate. Only the prosecution does that. The defense uses private investigators. So he gave her bogus information. Then she tells Dunford that I have some “really wonderful brothers and sisters”. How would she know? She has never met any other members of my family and she shows it with that statement. At that time I only had ONE brother and ONE sister here. Again, no investigation, only building a case. Then she says that my mom lied by going to her Bishop and telling him that my husband was in prison for trying to kill me. Well that in itself is a lie. My mom has never had a meeting with Bishop Pyra. She has only said hi to him if they passed in the hall. Again something that Dunford could have check out but didn’t.

Listening to Amanda’s interview with Dunford, the first one it is appalling the amount of lies that are there. First off there is the claim that it took Dunford calling her for 2 to 3 weeks before she would tell him everything. Well where are the tapes of those calls? In the tape she doesn’t sound the slightest bit shy; she is a regular chatty Kathy. She goes over many of the lies that I’ve already stated. She doesn’t mention the foot surgeries that her dad said she had. She says that I attacked her in the school and that the principal said she was making it up. No one talked to the principal about it. Speaking of school, where did she go to school? Her dad says home school and then Burchell. Amanda says she graduated high school and went to Job Corps, but doesn’t say which school she graduated from in the first interview. At one point Valley Pathways is mentioned, then at some point she moved to Juneau then came back to go to Job Corps. She says that her dad came in and asked if that was Zeb sitting out in the street. Well her dad never said anything about me sitting in the street. Then she says that all officer Antony went and talked to my parents about it and that it didn’t go over very well. Well that never happened. Officer Anthony did not go and talk to my parents. A fact that a simple investigation could have found out. She says that while at Job Corps that I ran Billy Schumacher off the road with my car. Ok describe the car. I did not have a car at the time that Billy was in Job Corp. Then she tells Dunford that he probably won’t be able to talk to Billy because he had a bad accident and she heard that he was pretty much non-functioning. Again no investigation. Then Amanda says that at church the Bishops got involved and called us in to talk to us. Well first off we went to different wards. Second, if there was a problem they wouldn’t have us there at the same time. The wards meet at different times. My mother never said anything to Amanda, especially about not messing with Wyoming girls. Again, why didn’t Dunford confirm with the Bishops, especially since he too is a member. On page 549 of Dunford’s report he wrote that “Amanda moved several times so that Zebulon would not know where she was.” However that is not what Amanda said in the interview. She said, “a lot of people have just litterly moved out of state and moved a number of times.” Two totally different statements. Dunford is a lying SOB, he told Amanda that my dad had been intimidating people, which is total BS. He has not talked to or contacted anyone at any time about any of this.

In the second interview with Amanda, Dunford had the switch in the wrong position, by his own admission. You can also hear other troopers in the background. He should have been in an area that was private. However there is only one side to the conversation so there is no way to determine if anything that Dunford put in his report is a lie or true. It cannot be determined who he is talking to or if there is no one there and he just made up the whole thing. Dunford has proved in other statements and interviews that he has no problem lying. Therefore the entire second interview should have been, and should be thrown out as there is no possible way to verify any of it. Besides, contrary to previous statements, Amanda told much more in the first interview than in the second. If you listen to the one sided interview he has her claiming that I assaulted her at school. She allegedly claims I did something to her at school, no way to be sure as can only hear one side. Then he says, “tell me about another time where that happened, where he sexually assaulted you or touched you inappropriately.” That sounds like an invitation to make up a story. That should have been said, is there anything else that happened?

Next I would like to touch on the trial testimony. Twice in this sworn testimony Amanda says that it took 2 to 3 weeks before she trusted Dunford enough to tell him everything, something she has said before. (see first paragraph)  She says that we went on a few dates. We did not, unless you call going to her house a date. She says that she switched schools because I was bothering her in school. Yet there is never any time frame for that happening. She talks about going to Pathways, yet her dad said she had foot surgery and went to Burchell after a year of home school. So which is it? She again brings up a claim that I was sitting in the middle of the road in front of their house. Something no one else mentions. However this time she says that they told me to go away, that’s a new claim. She says she went to work. Well if I was stalking her wouldn’t I have followed her? She claims to have moved 5 times, and every time me or my family would find her and harass her. It’s not clear if she moved all these times in Alaska or Washington. However no one in my family, including me, had any idea or even cared where she was. My parents have never talked or seen her except the night of the prom. She says she graduated high school and then went to job corps. Then she says she moved to Juneau, something she did not mention in any other interview and no one else in her family ever mentioned, and then came back to job corps. Two different claims and they could have verified. She claims that at the end of 2003 she was getting ready to move out of state. The math there does not add up. She was a junior in 2003, check out the school yearbook. So she still had a year of school, of which could be home, Burchell, Pathways or any combination of. Then to job corps. She could not have both graduated and left the state in 2003. She was not in high at Palmer during the 2003/2004 year. In 2004 I moved to Los Angles, Ca. for several months. When I came back I worked at a lodge out of Kodiak and on one of the offshore rigs in the gulf. Then later went to New Mexico. So not sure when all this stuff could have taken place. It in fact couldn’t and the whole thing is made up. Now in court she indicates that my brother came into the room twice. That is a new claim. But as I have already stated, it was my sister that came into the room. So that is a double lie. Her claim that I sat on her in a chair and was somehow able to get her shirt off and pull up her “cami with a built in bra up over my boobs”, is in itself hard to figure. But she says that I gave her hickeys on her chest. How could I bend over that far? Remember my height! She claims that I took her pants down to just below her knees. How could I get my penis in her vagina with her pants still on?



  1. Ran Billy Shcumacher off the road with my car
  2. That I had a car and driver’s license at this time
  3. Banned from Job Corps
  4. Where and when Amanda went to school
  5. Operation on Amanda’s feet
  6. Officer Anthony talking to parents
  7. Reporting to high school principal
  8. Dad yelling at Bishops at the Church when Seminary was being held
  9. Who walked out into the garage
  10. Amanda moving several times
  11. Probably wouldn’t be able to talk to Billy due to his accident




  1. Dad yelling at Bishops
  2. Brother coming out to the garage
  3. Brother named Joshua
  4. School not keeping reports, (if made they are required by law to keep)
  5. Running Billy off road
  6. Stalking her
  7. Schools attended
  8. People moved out of state to get away from me
  9. Driving by their house


Included is a comparison of Trooper interview and Grand Jury that we gave to my lawyer, and she never did anything with it. INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL

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