Trooper did not investigate

The following are things that took place or were stated by the accusers that the trooper never investigated. Had he done so he would have discovered that it was all made up.

AJ said that “Zeb” ran “Billy” off the road with his car.

Facts! Zeb did not have a car or a drivers license at that time. Facts that

Could be proven by looking at DMV and insurance records. He also

He also never talked to Billy. Had he done so he would have found

That no such thing ever happened. In fact Billy and Zeb were friends

AJ told the Trooper Dunford that she wasn’t sure if Billy could even communicate due to an accident.

Again Dunford never even attempted to talk to Billy. If he had he would

Have discovered that Billy can communicate just fine.

AJ’s dad claims that AJ did not go back to Palmer High School during senior year because she had surgery on her feet and didn’t want to be in the school in a wheel chair.

Trooper never looked into that. Neither AJ nor her mother mentioned any such surgery. Dad talks about her going to Burchell, while mom mentions Pathways and home schooling. So which is it?

AJ says that Zeb assaulted her in high school hall and that she told staff, but they told her to just forget it.

Fact is that no such claim was made to the school. If it had been the school would have had no choice but to take action. Trooper Dunford never talked to the school.

AJ’s dad claims that Zeb drove by their house many times in the summer of 2003. He said it was in a Ford pickup.

Had he investigated he would have discovered, through DMV and   insurance records that Zeb had neither a vehicle nor a license at that time. The Ford pickup that he mentions was not purchased by the family until 2006. Did he have a time machine?

Both AJ and her Mom talk about Zeb stopping in the middle of the road with his car and holding up traffic.  Again, he had no car and no license. Facts that DMV could have proved.

AJ’s dad says that there was a disturbance during morning church seminary class and that Zeb’s dad was In the hallway yelling at “the bishops”. Dunford never talked to the alleged Bishop. Also Zeb’s dad could not have been there since he was commuting to Anchorage for work.

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