Case update

Time to get out some facts. First off we need to all agree that when a person lies in court its called PERJURY. In Alaska, as well as other states, perjury is a felony. That’s up to 10 years in jail. So let us go to the trial. The father of one of the accusers was on the stand. He told how Zeb had driven by his house,”about 15 times”. Now he was talking about the summer of 2003. This in itself is a lie but that wasn’t all of it. He was asked what Zeb was driving. He stated that he was driving a RED FORD PICKUP. Now we have 2 lies. Excuse me that’s two cases of PERJURY. Both DMV and insurance records provie that Zeb did not have a drivers license or a vehicle in 2003. The witness said RED FORD PICKUP because that is what they had for “evidence”. However, again, DMV and insurance records prove that the red ford pickup referred to was not purchased by our family until 2005 and Zeb did not start driving it until 2007. So since we didn’t have a red ford, and he had no license in 2003, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Zeb to have driven it, or anything for that matter, past their house in 2003. The accuser, daughter of the witness, also stated that she had given Zeb a ride several times. Why would she need to do that if he had a vehicle and a license. Guess that means that the witness committed PERJURY. Shouldn’t he be charged criminally for committing perjury? Yes his lawyer knew these facts and did nothing about it. She never even questioned the witness or objected.

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